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Adaptive Toys


Peek Boo Mirror with lights Enabling Devices Provides tactile, visual and auditory stimulation
Bead Chain Mirror Enabling Devices Provides tactile and visual stimulation
Pull Ball Enablng Devices Lights up and plays music
Glitter Roller Music Base/Switch Enabling Devices Contains glitter and plays music
Switch operated plush bunny Enabling Devices Bunny hops when switch is pressed. Switch Included
Mini popper Enabling Devices Press the popper’s rim or dome to start music, vibration, flashing lights and bouncing balls
Adapted Tic Tac Toe Enabling Devices Get “tic tac toe” by activating a switch that lights up LED squares in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal direction
Perfect Petzz Perfect Petzz Huggable, breathing comfort puppy (not real) Comes with its own bed and pet carrier
Bright Beats Beat Belle Bright Beats Beat Belle FisherPrice Spin and Crawl tunmble ball. For ages 9 mos. and up.
My Pal Scout My Pal Scout Leap Frog Activites and songs for ages 6-3 6months
Bright Beats BeatBo BrightBeats Beat Bo Fisher Price Develops fine motor, sensory, curiosity For ages 6 mos and up
Marvel Iron Man Action Figure Marvel Iron Man Action Figure Hasbro Connect Titan Hero Power FX Pack to activate sounds and phrases.
Zoo  Jams Guitor Zoo Jams Guitar V-Tech Play melodies, sing along, create music. For ages 1-1/2-4 years