Adapted Toys

Picture of Toy Name of Toy What the toy teaches Who makes the toy
image of adapted toy butterfly that plays sound and music
Light and Sound Butterfly Just hit a switch and the multi-colored blinking lights dance around the Butterfly while music plays. Enabling Devices™
stackin llama that cam be operated with a switch
Llama Musical Stacker Stack this switch-adapted toy’s three colorful rings or press on the llama’s head, or use a switch to make lights dance and music play. Image does not show switch access. Enabling Devices
Llighted Musial Tunes. Orange plate on a black base for fine motor skills.
Lighted Musical Tunes Activate the large, textured switch plate to experience bright orange light, soft vibration and six high-fi recordings. Enabling Devices
Spinning Symphony
Spinning Symphony Hear six different Mozart compositions when you press any of the brightly colored instrument switches Enabling Devices
Flappy the Elephanat sings when you press its ears (switch activated)
Flappy the Elephant Plush elephant that sings  and becomes animated when activated with a switch. Switch jack not shown.  
Bead Chaiin MIrror offers tactile and visual stimulation
Bead Chain Mirror Visual and tactile stimulation. Enabling Devices
Musical bead chain mirror plays music and lights up with beads.
Musical Bead Chain Mirror Lights up and plays music when the beads are touched. Enabling Devices
Musical Light Box for auditory and visual stimulation
Musical Light Box Auditory and visual stimulation Enabling Devices
Plush Golden Retriever puppy
Perfect Petzz - Golden Retriever God for relaxation, calming and soothing, Comes with pet bed. Perfect Petzz
Switch operated plush puppy
Plush Switch-Operated Puppy Watch as the puppy jumps when the switch is activated. (Switch not included unless requested) Enabling Devices
Switch operated tic tac toe
Switch-Operated Tic Tac Toe Play tic tac toe using the attached switches! Enabling Devices
Pull Ball for grapsing, reaching, and teaching cause and effect
Pull Ball Good for grasping and reaching. Plays music when the ball is pulled Enabling Devices
Plush switch-operated kitten
Switch Operated Plush Kitten
  Pretty Kitten meows as it moves back and forth when you activate a switch. Switch requested separately.
Enabling Devices
Switch opearated Baby Pug plush toy
Switch operated plush Baby Pug Baby Pug yips and moves back and forth when you activate a capability switch. Switch requested separately. Enabling Devices
Switch Operated Plush Owl
Twinkles Mint switch-operated owl This cuddly owl plays two calming lullabies—“Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” and “Hush, Little Baby”—while rocking from side to side and gently flapping its wings. Switch requested separately. Enablint Devices
Brightly colored seahorse switch-operated toy
Shelly Seahorse switch-operated plush toy Used with a capability switch, Shelly Seahorse plays uplifting calypso music while  her bell glows with ever-changing colors. Switch included by request. Enabling Devices