Computer Access


TAP wearable Keyboard TAP Device uses combination of gestures and taps to emulate a keyboard, mouse or controller.
Tracker Pro 2
Tracker Pro 2 AbleNet Hands-free mouse replaces Madentec Tracker Pro. Plug-n-Play.
SAM Trackball USB Mouse
SAM Trackball Mouse RJ Cooper Mouse Device with switch interface
Single Programmable Foot Mouse
Savant Elite Single Programmable Foot Switch (USB) Kinesis Corporation Foot-Operated Mouse with USB connection
Triple Programmable Foot Switch
Savant Elite Three-Pedal Programmable Foot Switch (USB) Kinesis Corporation Three-Pedal Foot-Operated Mouse with USB connection
Optional Hand Trigger for foot mouse
Optional handtrigger for three-pedal foot mouse Kinesis Corporation Optional Hand-trigger for use with Three-Pedal Foot-Operated Mouse
SAM Joystick Mouse
SAM Joystick RJ Cooper Allows computer cursor control by pushing the joystick
Origin Instruments Headmouse Extreme
(2) Headmouse Extreme — Windows and Mac Bundles available Origin Instruments Hands-free Mouse using head tracking technology. 
Big Keys Color ABC Keyboard
Big Keys Keyboard (Color ABC layout) The Big Keys Co. Alternative keyboard
Big Keys Color Qwerty
Big Keys Keyboard (Color QWERTY layout) The Big Keys Co. Alternative keyboard
Big Blu Kinderboard Bluetooth
Big Blue Kinderboard with Bluetoth Ablenet, Inc. Similar to the Big Keys Keyboards but with Bluetooth connectivity.
More Keyboard
MOREKeyboard™ MoreKeyboard Alternative Keyboard
Keys U See Large Print Keyboard
Keys-U-See Low Vision Keyboard Ablenet, Inc. Large Print Keyboard. Yellow keys with Black Print./td>
Mini Keyboard
Mini Keyboard (White, PS2) Adesso Alternative keyboard for smaller hands
Frog Pad Left-handed Keyboard
Frogpad one-handed  for the left hand keyboard The company is out of business, but you can still try out a left-handed keyboard. Alternate keyboard for one-handed use. Left-handed only version available.
Matias 508 Keyboard
Matias 508 Keyboard Infogrip 508 compliant keyboard for use with either right-hand or left-hand single-handed keyboarding.
Matias Half-Qwerty Single-Handed Keyboard
Matias Half-Qwerty Keyboard Infogrip 508 compliant half-qwerty keyboard fo4r single-handed keyboarding.
BAT Keyboard
BAT Keyboard, single-handed keyboard. Right and Left-hand versions available. Infogrip  Uses "chording" to input keystrokes.
IntelliSwitch Madentec Wireless Switch Interface for Mac or PCs