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Spec Switch SpecSwitch  AbleNet™ 1.375"  diameter Capability switch
Big Red Capability Switch Big Red Switch  InfoGrip 5" diameter Capability Switch
Jelly Bean Switch Jelly Bean Switch  InfoGrip 2.5" diameter Capability Switch
Frog Switch Frog Switch Enabling Devices Child's Switch
Lighted Signal Switch Lighted Signal Switch Enabling Devices When activating this textured signal switch, a bright light shines encouraging visual attention.
Saucer Switch Saucer Switch Enabling Devices Capability Switch
Adjustable Angle Switch Adjustable Angle Switch Enabling Devices Adjustable 5" switch which allows you to set the angle from 32 degrees to 90 degrees for easy access.
Don Johnston Switch Interface Pro 5 Don Johnston Switch Interface Pro 5.0 Don Johnston Switch interface enables up to 5 switches for computer access
Don Johnston Switch Interface Pro 6 Don Johnston Switch Interface Pro 6.0 Don Johnston Switch interface enables up to 5 switches for computer access
Hitch Switch Interface Ablenet, Inc. Plug-and-play switch interface; Windows/ Macintosh compatible.
Jelly Bean Twist-Top Switch  Ablenet, Inc. 2.5 inch surface for users able to access a smaller target area. Switch tops can be removed and replaced with the color of your choice: Red, Blue, Yellow, or Green
Jumbo Marble Capability Switch Large Marble Switch Enabling Devices Multi-colored marbles sit atop a crystal grid creating cool visual effects.
Koosh Capability Switch that plays music Koosh Switch Enabling Devices It plays "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star"! (Three available)
Sensor Switch Sensor Switch Don Johnston Contact activated by small muscle movements. Sensor is placed on the body
Candy Corn Proximity Switch Big Candy Corn Switch Ablenet, Inc. A large, wired proximity sensor switch that activates when a user’s body is within 1-in/2.5 cm of the switch top. 
Scatir Switch Deluxe Ablenet, Inc. The Self-Calibrating Auditory Tone Infrared (SCATIR) Switch is a momentary-contact optical switch with auditory feedback that works by detecting a beam of reflected pulsed infrared light. Includes switch, sensor, eyeglass, and Gooseneck mounting kit.
Microlight Switch needs only a light touch to activate. Microlight switch Ablenet, Inc. Switch that needs only a very light touch to activate
  Bluetooth switch interface Ablenet, Inc. Provides single or dual switch access via Bluetooth connection to iOS, macOS, Windows, Chrome, and Android devices.